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Family Therapy

Posted by Michelle Ainsworth, LPC on Oct 23, 2018 11:47:46 AM

We all start this life with a family, which from the moment we are born influences every aspect of our lives, from our first moments to our last. No matter what our family may look like (blood relatives, adopted parents, foster families, live in grandparents, blended families, etc.) the family we grew up in affected who we are and who we will become. Besides learning our vocabulary, habits, customs, and often how we view and observe the world around us; we also learn how to love, and how to interact with others from these first important relationships. All families, mine included, have had their problems at one time or another. Good families can have difficult times and come to difficult points in life. Some families struggle with good communication, some families have boundary issues, and the list goes on. Even the best families can feel a need for help when they’re feeling overwhelmed or issues seem too much to handle on their own. This is where family therapy can be a game changer.

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7 Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

Posted by Michelle Ainsworth, LPC on Oct 1, 2018 1:53:00 PM

Hi! I'm Michelle Ainsworth a therapist here at Wellspring Renewal Center. I want to share with you some tips on how to improve your relationship with yourself. Whether it's self-sabotaging behaviors or self defeating cycles we might find ourselves in, SO many of us have been right there; including myself, at times in my life.

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Helping Kids Develop Good Mental Health

Posted by Michelle Ainsworth, LPC on Sep 17, 2018 1:15:00 PM

How many of us truly make our mental health a top priority? Or make self care part of our daily routine? If you do, that’s awesome!!! If you don’t, I’ll bet that if you had been taught when you were a kid to take care of your mental health it would be easier to do now. In fact, it would just be part of your normal everyday life. It’s certainly much easier to start good habits young than stop a bad habit when you’re older. That’s why if we start helping our children develop good ways to take care of themselves as young as possible, they will have those skills for the rest of their lives. Good mental health helps children think clearly, problem solve, develop socially, have a higher self esteem, and a more positive outlook on life.

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Symptoms of Mental Illness in Your Child

Posted by Michelle Ainsworth, LPC on Aug 17, 2018 12:35:00 PM

     Hi everyone! I'm Michelle Ainsworth, therapist here at Wellspring Renewal Center. I really can't believe it’s already August and school is starting back. With school and our kids in mind, I thought I would spend a little time today talking about the mental health of our children. School can be a wonderful place for children to make friends, express themselves, expand their minds, etc… but all too often school can also be a source of anxiety and/or depression due to difficulties they may experience with academics or socially.

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