Conversion Therapy

Posted by Sean Oakley, LCSW on Jan 4, 2019 10:54:26 AM

Due to new books and films like Boy Erased (written by Arkansas native Garrard Conley) and The Miseducation of Cameron Post, there has been a recent increase in the discussion around LGBTQ conversion therapy. Conversion therapy essentially tries to “de-gay” a person by changing their sexual orientation. In the past this has included “ex-gay” camps, electroconvulsive therapy, and administering shocks when aroused among other extreme measures. Today, most conversion therapy uses behavioral techniques much like cognitive behavioral therapy to attempt to change behavior or deny the expression of sexual feelings. In other words, it can look like regular therapy.

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LGBTQ, Religion, and Spirituality

Posted by Sean Oakley, LCSW on Oct 12, 2018 3:19:10 PM

Many people think that LGBTQ identities and religion don’t mix but this is very far from the truth! Sure, many dogmatic religions can cause significant trauma to LGBTQ individuals with non-welcoming beliefs. However, there are many safe spiritual spaces for LGBTQ people.

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Keeping Clergy Healthy

Posted by Rebecca Spooner, LPC, NCC on Aug 10, 2018 12:04:50 PM

Video Transcript:

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Warning Signs for Religious Abuse

Posted by Rebecca Spooner, LPC, NCC on Jul 31, 2018 11:47:16 AM

Video Transcript:

    Hi! I’m Rebecca Spooner, the founder of Wellspring Renewal Center, which is a counseling center located in the heart of Little Rock.  

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